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File Upload Policy

This notice describes the File Upload Policy of Nohat. By visiting, and (the "Website") and using our tools, you agree to the practices described in this File Upload Policy.

The Website allows users to upload content for display purposes. All users must comply with our policy for uploading files. Users are solely responsible for the content that they upload. When using the Website, users must NOT upload any photo, image, graphic, audio, video, file, or material that:

  • contains a virus or malicious content that could harm the Website, server, or any files;
  • contains any pornographic, obscene or indecent content;
  • contains any unlawful content or violates any law or regulation;
  • contains any content that promotes violence or terrorism;
  • contains material that is abusive, threatening, defamatory, or otherwise objectionable and offensive;
  • violates any copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent, proprietary or intellectual property right, unless the user is the owner of such right or has obtained appropriate authorization from the rightful owner to use such materials;
  • violates or infringes on the privacy rights of others;
  • promotes hatred or prejudice against any individual, organization or group based on age, race, religion, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual preference, disability, or national origin;
  • exceeds the maximum allowable file size, which is currently 100 MB;
  • is not the appropriate file type (i.e., jpg, jpeg, png or gif);
  • contains information that is malicious, libelous, false or inaccurate.

Failure to abide by these terms constitutes a misuse of this policy and the Website Terms of Use, and will result in termination of the user's account.

Nohat may review user-submitted content for compliance with this policy. However, Nohat has no obligation to do so. Nohat, at its sole discretion, may remove any user content submitted through the Website. Users are solely responsible for the content they upload, write, post or link to when using the Website.

Individuals who believe that any user-submitted content or material on the Website infringes upon their intellectual property rights may contact Nohat at Contact Page

Use of this Website is also directed by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If, after reviewing this policy, you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by email at Contact Page